Many posts to come! Been so busy I’m a little behind!

-Syfy’s “The Internet Ruined My Life” just premiered. Here’s the full episode, I’m in the second half!

– CNN Money Clip of Syfy’s “The Internet Ruined My Life”

-Check me out in this sketch on MTV’s Decoded!

– Some behind the scenes photos while filming “Bosworth.” Loved working on this project!

LOVED THIS “Greenhouse Wedding” Photoshoot. Worked with such amazing people. Can’t wait to share more!


**Waiting For AAA in The Fringe Fest NYC 2015!!

“Briana Harmon is a burst of fresh air as the vapid and vain Polly.” -Josephine Cashman (nytheater now)


Waiting for AAA is an all-female comedy inspired by Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The play explores friendship, empowerment, and what it means to face the unknown.

Written/Directed by Delaney Yeager – youngest writer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (ever!).

I portrayed Polly, one, if not the most fun character I’ve had the pleasure to embody. She’s essentially the cause for any and all anxiety when a father finds out he’s having a girl. I personally like to think I was well behaved, and my father couldn’t have had it much better 😉

nytheater now review by Josephine Cashman
Review & Named “Best Bet” by Audrey Moyce from The Easy

**”Ken Burns” Sketch Comedy Music Video by SKOOTCH Comedy

Featured in The Huffington Post: Featured in The Huffington Post

**Photo Shoot with Corinne Louie Photography
Just had a great shoot with Corinne! Check her out! She is Amazing!!! Can’t wait to share all of the photos! Here’s a sneak peak!


**Boardwalk Empire
I was completely ecstatic that I was picked as select background for a scene in the last episode of Boardwalk Empire! I walked in front of Steve Buscemi right before he made his entrance for the scene at the club he once ran “The Onyx Club.” Try to find me 😉



I Had so much fun! Soo crazy how the hair stylist made my longgg hair into this masterpiece!


Cowboy Music Video
So excited for the music video I just shot with country artist Alyssa Trahan. Check it out!! –> “Cowboy” Music Video (1:48-end)